Thursday, October 22, 2009

To FREE or not to FREE?

Hey, guys! SooJin sent out this link to an article on Gary Taxali's Drawger page:

Definitely check it out and be sure to read the comments. I found this comment by Marc to be especially helpful:

Nick, bidding low on jobs in order to "get any work at all" is the most negative, self-defeating approach to your career that I can imagine. One more time: if a major publication or agency calls you, they do so not because THEY'RE poor, but because they've seen your work and think it can enhance the quality of their brand. What makes you think they called you because you'd be cheaper than Gary or Anita? If it's good enough for you to get the call, it's good enough to be paid standard rates. There's no tiered system in this field, aside from this: those with work good enough to get calls and those who without, and those willing to ask for professional fees, and those who set low-value on what they produce. The business side of this field is about negotiation, and you've started yours out assuming you're worth less. Don't be surprised if your clients agree with you.


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  1. good argument here, but i still say doing work for free is bad. Everyone can find an excuse, right?