Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holiday Update from Steve

Hey everyone, if your reading this I hope everyone had a great time at Tae's Illustration Holiday Party, shit was fun and it was awesome seeing everyone outside of classes.
so uh I've yet again fallen into a black hole of watching Transformers three times a night, and re-runs of Ghost Hunters until the sun rises, then complainin
g that I have no time to finish anything. Actually I really have been working on a bunch of different stuff, just I have yet to actually get any of it 100% done. SO I'll share a few things with you, so I don't feel like a complete asshole as this semester is basically done tomorrow.

FIRST OFF I've got this Bells and Whistles assignment thats due for Soojin Buzelli's Big Bad World Of Illustration class thats way over due. Last night I finished inking it now it's sitting in my "things I should have gotten done 3 weeks ago but will have to finish when I'm back from winter break" list of things to do :/ I'm actually looking forward to finishing it though, at first I had a hard time with her art direction simply because we both have totally different directions with illustration. Soojin is a great AD, but I feel like I'll never have anything in her publications because when I sit down to do an illustration or come up with an idea, I literally say to myself "okay how can I make this look a little fucked up" and thats not necessarily the direction someone would want for their magazine promoting new household products or business resourcing. ANYWAY, so the theme for the illustration was Bell's and Whistles. I decided to go with a cool underwater sorta scene where I'd turn all the sea life into OMG YES bells and whistles!!! How awesome right? I went with that environment for an Illustration because many of her editorials/artist whom she works with do really sweet Illustrations that have to do with animals doing cute things or blah blah something with animals. I'm still working on the compo and re-arranging the fish/eels (which are all cleverly turned into bells with their mouths), so the end result WILL look a bit different. I got my satisfaction in the octopus and the seaweed, after that I kinda lost steam, and by that time Optimus was beating the hell out of The Fallen so I kinda just zoned out for a little. I'm not kidding. But yes, like I said I'm gunna try to finish it during break.
As for the second image I'm posting its one of the several Illustrations I'm re-doing for Tomer's portfolio class. This was supposed to be about a mental illness and we had to basically just do a
n editorial style illustration based on any mental disorder we wanted. So naturally I picked something that would smack me back into my Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Dumb and Dumber phase. I chose Multiple Personality Syndrome, and at first had a hard time solving it. I was doing a lot of cliche like sketches dealing with people looking in the mirror while brushing their teeth, cept the person staring back was like a Pogo the clown/John Wayne Gacy character. Tomer wasn't really feeling that, and we discussed all the cliche sorta things to steer away with certain topics. Mirrors and reflections being one of them. So I tried to go with more of a person inside of a person sorta thing. I'm not sure how I'm going to re-vamp this one, but I'll be sure to post it if it tastes good when I'm done.

Thirdly is just a snapshot of the inking I've been doing for another project for Tomer, its dealing with the Humana Festival poster for this coming year. Tomer actually did a really beautiful book cover for them 2 years ago (i think it was 2 years) and once I make more progress on that I'll elaborate on it. But yeah theres a little ya know of what I've been doing with it.

AND lastly (amongst many other things I've chosen to leave out) Kyle and me did the first run of prints for his documentary that I did the poster art for back in October. It looked really awesome seeing one of my posters actually being printed for the first time, so I of course took a few photografas and yeah, hopefully in the spring I'll have finished a few more thesis posters for the Dusties.

BLAH BLAH OH and in less than two months is the deadline for the Society of Illustrators student competition, and for the first time I'll be entering a bunch of juicey stuff. SO we're looking forward to that. and by we're I mean Optimus. and Me. and the Cube. OKAY BYE I'll update again during this week when I'm home and ya know. Doing laundry and watching Judge Judy.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bird is my favorite

Hey everybody! I just posted a few pages from my sketchbook on my blog and i thought I'd throw one your way as well. Just another sketch from the natural history museum. -Johnny.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I just have to...


I used up all the 'juice' (as stanley martucci would call it) in the beginning of the semester, and I've been drained. I couldnt produce anything, BUT after several naps and lbs, I am once again inspired and ready to work!

Before we start, I'd like to mention a little something about OHGER.
Created and managed by Robert Zimmerman himself, the founding father of Drawger and Illoz. There are 20 members in it, and the selection process is...tough. the exisiting members have to VOTE YOU IN. but, there really isnt much to lose guys! Especially you seniors- you can't join this after one year of graduation. So why not join now!? Well.. there is 50 dollar per year but thats less than 5 dollars per month. and possible growth is dependent on you!
And I also encourage you juniors to apply as well. I WANT TO SEE MORE SVA KIDS THERE!

on the other news!
I have a party thats happening on Dec 18th. its for illustration and cartooning kids to bond and really catch up when we are not at our 'zombie' state. we deserve to have fun. and drink up.
email me if you have any questions : tquerney@sva.edu

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

portfolio progress

some of my pieces for cloonan's portfolio class. all done in pencil