Friday, October 30, 2009

Anatomy of Japanese Folk Monsters

I know that some of you guys like monsters, medical illustration, or japanese prints..
I thought this is a funny combo of 3 elements.
For more click here

Monica Cook

I just found this artist looking at FFFOUND blog.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


like sean mentioned on earlier post, theres samurai art show..
BUT theres more shit going on in the met that are FANTASTIC.

There are paintings by John Sargent Singer, Winslow Homer and MORE (too lazy to list them)



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

website updated ya'll!


Sketchbook Studies


I had a friend named Lily

I have something new to show! a lot more to come! This is actually a scanned version before I started doing mix media on top of it. I like the mystery of how its going to come out sometimes. ENJOY!

Monday, October 26, 2009

True Self Group Show

There's a great show that just opened featuring a lot of great illustrators including James Jean, Gary Baseman, Marc Todd, Gary Taxali and one of my favorites, Leah Hayes.

Jonathan Levine Gallery
529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor


Sunday, October 25, 2009

samurai art and armor

hey all you illustration rats! im planning on going to this show at the met this week so reply to the comments if you would like to go with. its samurai art and armor some which have never been in the united states before and who knows when they will be again. dont miss it! - sean{F8E9ACA7-5B17-471F-9394-D298E7E53159}&HomePageLink=special_c2a

oh well oh well

this is an image i recently did for marcos chins class. i just started experimenting with digital coloring and im still struggling to find a way that successfully fits my drawings. tae thinks i should do it over. i agree. oh well oh well- sean

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last Year's Junior Thesis

Hey guys, some people ask me about thesis stuff, so I thought I'd just post it here.
I saved some sketches from thesis.. These are just some of them..
I did my thesis on Turandot by Giacomo Puccini.

First, ofcourse.. sketches! Whole semester of SKETCHES! it was tiring..
these arent the first ones.. but when I started to get the idea..:

1. The bamboo piece getting there, and those heads on a stick eventually became lanterns.. but tom said i need to be more SEVERE with them... so...

2. my bamboos (the last one on this set) became bigger.. so i decided to go for large scale paintings to involve the viewers more (unless you are really tall)

3. lanterns sketches! i got started painting after this point.

this interation was too weird for me. i dont know faces looked funny, sizes were weird, so i changed it around..

work in progress for bamboo:

gong piece just sorta came out of while i was watching The Banquet for research of emperial china. Just sorta became my favorite piece! After few hours starting on the gong:

I could only manage to pull off 3.. So I was thinking about how I could make it work as 3 pieces. First of all I had vertical likes and round objects in all 3 to architecturally structure the series.. Also I set the mood by sharing the same reds on all the paintings. I played with the sky to order them chronologically.. (bamboo-late night, gong- sunrise, lantern-morning). Also placing the gong piece in the middle, I was able to pull 2 other pieces together as one series, because its most symmetrical.
I also wanted one color to dominate each piece, no matter how many colors I used (except black... but i did use black gesso though..)

I hope its helpful, (yuri).
There are amazing juniors working on their thesis.. I'm totally gonna be blown away this year. and be ashamed.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Thesis Poster Designs

Hello everyoneee. So I know this is pretty much an Illustration/Cartooning based blog/community, but I was told by the Goddess of Illustration-Gumbo; Tae, that I could update with some side projects I've been doing. In the summer I worked at an ad agency that makes movie posters and since then I sorta fell in love with that whole world of design. This year I decided to try helping my film major friends by designing payoff size posters for their thesis films. So far I finished this one for my friend Kyle Mumford.

Full size: 27x40 with a half inch boarder, 300dpi

The movie is called Mumford's Law, and its a documentary about his relationship with his father, and his father's life. Its a really deep serious movie and really hit home with some aspects of my life. I enjoyed doing the poster, as he wanted to capture a relatively serious tone to the way the movie is going to be advertised. I'm pretty happy with the way the final turned out, as it was a lot of practice and I'm still working on grasping my typography skills better. Lemme know what you guys think. Also I figured what the hell and posted all of the original comp ideas for this poster which each went through revision after revision until the final. NOMNOMNOM I think soon I'm going to post all of the posters I worked on over the summer too so stay tuned you beautiful children you.


Insect god

project im working on for Cheryl and Stanley's fantasy illustration project. I need to darken some areas then im done.



So, I was really bored earlier and decided, "Hey, I'm gunna draw a duck." so I did, except he came out looking ridiculously sad. Now I'm going to sleep. GOODNIGHT NEVER NEVER LANDDD

Thursday, October 22, 2009

To FREE or not to FREE?

Hey, guys! SooJin sent out this link to an article on Gary Taxali's Drawger page:

Definitely check it out and be sure to read the comments. I found this comment by Marc to be especially helpful:

Nick, bidding low on jobs in order to "get any work at all" is the most negative, self-defeating approach to your career that I can imagine. One more time: if a major publication or agency calls you, they do so not because THEY'RE poor, but because they've seen your work and think it can enhance the quality of their brand. What makes you think they called you because you'd be cheaper than Gary or Anita? If it's good enough for you to get the call, it's good enough to be paid standard rates. There's no tiered system in this field, aside from this: those with work good enough to get calls and those who without, and those willing to ask for professional fees, and those who set low-value on what they produce. The business side of this field is about negotiation, and you've started yours out assuming you're worth less. Don't be surprised if your clients agree with you.


MET on Saturday

Couple of us mentioned this blog to few of our teachers including an art director. They thought its a good idea and showed interest!

so post post post

I'm gonna go to the met on Saturday to draw 4-8. Anyone want to join? comment!

I also tweet


Some thoughts, and art

Tae ! thank you for involving me in this project/community, what a great idea.
ok, so I'm struggling right now with figuring out my thesis. Btw you were absolutely right about my mini thesis being like 3 separate things, and while its not absolutely terrible the fundamental approach of piecing a picture from several separate elements is what's causing my current problems. This will have to be rethought. Still, here it is, I'd appreciate criticism/advice

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fantastic Planet-

If you havent already, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!

Its trailer for the Fantastic Planet. My prof in Under the Influence art history class showed us this.
fuckin awesomeness.

warning: watch it sober.


Some new artwork...

Hey everybody, It's my first post so I thought I'd throw up a drawing I just finished for portfolio class. Hope you like it.- Johnny
Johnny's Blog


go check out shoplifter

yuko recommended this wig artist to me after i expressed my interest in drawing hair.
its pretty tyt yall


something to lighten the stress off sore eyes and stiff fingers.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I met a girl who researches and buys stock images for educational textbooks. I thought her list of best places to go for research/reference images might help:


Sun Wukong as Perseus

Here's a piece I did over the summer. My interpretation of the Monkey King from Journey to the West.

Monday, October 19, 2009

some work?

Something from my sketchbook i recently worked on:A work in progress for Illustration as Fine Art Class.. i need to fix some drawing issues but it seems that gold colored pencil i used doesnt erase.. should have figured that out before i got into the drawing:

These are some crappy pictures i took with my camera in the studio. But i'll upload them in my website later on this week with better versions!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Morgan Library

the morgan library (225 madison ave) has a couple of cool shows up right now.  they have some of sendak's original drawings from where the wild things are as well as a pretty large collection of william blake's work.   free on friday nights!


The Curious Case of Joo

I get this friend suggestion on facebook and it bothers the shit out of me.

i like this illustrator

His name is Vania Zouravliov and hes Russian.

I'll post up something i'm working on later at night when i'm done with my sketches!

hey yall so there is this great website that i frequently visit called it is sooo awesome. its pretty much just great lynchian ( if thats a term) inspired photos and sometimes videos check it out!

what i learned in school the other day about bridge and copyrighting.

Just to put another example of what else can go on this blog, i decided to put something i learned in class the other day..
It was from digital portfolio class, and it was about copyrighting on bridge..

I'd like to remind you its not the 'Official way' to copyright your work (you'd have to do it through but according to the teacher it would somewhat (better than nothing.. which means you can somewhat get more money in the courts i suppose) protect you because it will embed your info into the images you put up online.. so here we go:

i opened Adobe Bridge and selected a folder containing images
1. click on a picture
2. Make sure you are on METADATA tab and not the KEYWORDS tab. and click on IPTC Core.
3. Enter your information on Creator, Email, Website, Copyright Notice, and Right Usage Terms.

Make sure on Copyright Notice, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED is capitalized. Supposedly in it doesn't count in brazil if its not. :/
In Right Usage Terms, put in 'No usage without prior written consent.'

I just wrote it as i learned it! if i'm misinformed in anyway, comment away!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here's an autobio comic I did a while ago. I'm really just posting to plug my blog. For now it's just a sketchbook and random diary comic blog, but eventually (around Thanksgiving) I'll be posting my webcomic on there. Check it out: -emily


Fuyuko Matsui is currently an artist that i'm obsessing about. She's 33 year old ( i think) japanese female artist and uses traditional nihonga techniques.. I think they are absolutely beautiful.. shes really pretty too:



OH HAAIII okay, so I think this whole community blog thing is a great idea tae, and I hope it picks up. with saying that, heres one of my latest images. I did this for the Visual Arts Student Association, (vasa) for the SVA Halloween Party thats happening in two weeks. Everyone should go and have a great time! First place in the costume contest wins a macbook!

13.5x20 ink on bristol/digital @600 dpi