Friday, October 23, 2009

Thesis Poster Designs

Hello everyoneee. So I know this is pretty much an Illustration/Cartooning based blog/community, but I was told by the Goddess of Illustration-Gumbo; Tae, that I could update with some side projects I've been doing. In the summer I worked at an ad agency that makes movie posters and since then I sorta fell in love with that whole world of design. This year I decided to try helping my film major friends by designing payoff size posters for their thesis films. So far I finished this one for my friend Kyle Mumford.

Full size: 27x40 with a half inch boarder, 300dpi

The movie is called Mumford's Law, and its a documentary about his relationship with his father, and his father's life. Its a really deep serious movie and really hit home with some aspects of my life. I enjoyed doing the poster, as he wanted to capture a relatively serious tone to the way the movie is going to be advertised. I'm pretty happy with the way the final turned out, as it was a lot of practice and I'm still working on grasping my typography skills better. Lemme know what you guys think. Also I figured what the hell and posted all of the original comp ideas for this poster which each went through revision after revision until the final. NOMNOMNOM I think soon I'm going to post all of the posters I worked on over the summer too so stay tuned you beautiful children you.


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