Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Man, beginning of the third week...take it easy Father Time!

So before I got really gross and, for the most part, inappropriate, I did consider a career in Children's Book Illustration, but its a tough place to navigate. Personally, I like to believe all children are minions of evil and shouldn't be given too much credit when it comes to being innocent, but eh, we all have our own ideas on that topic.

Anyway, I'm no longer interested (MAYBE), but I came across an amazing blog for those of you who may still be! Curious Pages explores children's books that straddle the line between safe and controversial; the ones most of us go back to now and have that double take moment...

...you know, like when you first REALLY understood that Spice Girl's song you always sang as a baby.

CHECK IT OUT!...and...my blog

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