Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Food for thought

Hey everyone,
I've been working on some new things for Marcos and Tomer, and upon my never-ending cruise on the internet during this I found these two digital artists whom I think some of you would love to see, if you haven't already. (More specifically Nate/Johnny/Ray)

Martin Ansin:

this guy seems really cool, I think a lot of his coloring is actually done in Illustrator, the details on a lot of it look almost 3d like they were done in Maya or something. He has a great "poster" like take on his images.



And this guy (he goes by the pen name of NOOK) who I found on Behance.net, he actually does do half of his images in Maya/3d Studio and then renders them in photoshop. The illustrations he does are really interesting and have a great color/realistic sense to them. Sometimes a lot of his stuff is just floating in white space but I think thats more of his style then a lack of content thing. The one thing that bothers me is that when I look at his images I cant tell if the image is about the actual content or "feeling" hes trying to capture, or if it has become just about the tight realistic detail in his 3d environments and nothing else. I really am interested in how long it takes him to pull these off. I doubt he can finish an image with the 3d rendering for an editorial or anything short term. But then again who knows he could be a robot.

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  1. Nice! I've seen Martin's work around here and there and love it. Good finds!